Rhode Island Lighthouses

Relief Lightship LV-17

Location: Southeast end of Hog Island Shoal
1889 Lat 41 37 48 N - Long 71 16 18 W
Year Built: 1848
Design: Wood - white oak and locust; copper and iron fastened
Design: with bowsprit; 2 masts, oval daymarks at both mastheads
Length: 78' (lbp); Beam: 24'; Draft: 7'; Tonnage: 150 gross
Illuminating Apparatus: 2 Lanterns, each having 8 oil lamps (multi-wick, bowl type)
Propulsion: Sail
Years on Station: August 1889
Status: Condemned and dismantled in 1891. Delivered June 22, 1891 to US Naval Station, New London Connecticut for use as target. Sunk by naval gunfire October 15, 1891.
Light Characteristic: Fixed White
Range: 12 miles
Location: Year Built: Design: Ship's Dimensions: Illuminating Apparatus: Propulsion: Years on Station: Status: Light Characteristic: Range: