Rhode Island Lighthouses

Relief Lightship LV-106/WAL-528

Brenton Reef Lightship LV-106/WAL-528
 Courtesy of the U.S Coast Guard 

Year Built: 1923
Design: Steam screw; steel hull, steel pilot house and deck houses, 2 masts with lantern
Design: galleries, smokestack amidships
Length: 132' 4" (loa); Beam: 30'; Draft: 14' 7"; Tonnage: 775 gross
Illuminating Apparatus: 1940 375 mm electric lens lantern at each masthead
Propulsion: Steam - compound reciprocating engine, 400 IHP; 2 oil fired Scotch
Propulsion: marine boilers, 120 psi; 4 bladed propeller; max speed 9 knots
Years on Station: 1940
Status: Decommissioned Oct 17, 1967. On Jun 4, 1968, transferred
Status: to Agency for International Development (AID) for further transfer to Surinam;
Status: still in use in Surinam as of 1973
Light Characteristic: 1935 - 1962 Occulting White every 4 seconds,
Light Characteristic: 3 seconds flash, 1 second eclipse
Range: 1935 - 1946 13 miles
Fog Signal: 12" steam chime whistle, submarine bell, submarine oscillator, hand operated bell
Fog Signal Characteristic: Blast for 6 Seconds (1942)
Fog Signal Characteristic: Silent for 24 Seconds

Fog Signal Characteristic: Bell Struck by Hand 5 times Every 30 Seconds

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